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CKS Series Solid Insulated Switch

CKS series solid insulation is a kind of switch with features of intelligence, environment friendly, all working conditions. It is equipped in solid insulated switchgear under 12kV distribution system with reliable safety. CKS series solid insulated switch mainly has V (circuit breaker), C(load break switch) and F(combination unit) three units. It is made by APG solid sealing technology without SF6 gas and other harmful gas filled or discharged, without any use of pressure vessel and without harm to people and environment. This switch has three –phase independent fission structure with features of full insulation, long lifetime, maintenance free, small occupation, reliable safety, no environment impact, and it is equipped with light and three-phase isolation switch fracture which is clear to be seen, then the maintenance security of product is improved.

This switch construction is a single modular, operation mechanism module is set in the front separately,and bus bar is overhead, all of which make it very convenient to install, adjust and maintain. Reserving a distribution automation connector,it can be equipped to become high intelligent distribution automation product which is widely used in industrial and civil power supply. The switch, as a separated module, can be withdrawn or installed as a whole unit or designed to become a ring main unit according to client’s requirement. 

Technical parameters:


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